How we converged


We met in 1996 when we both participated in a year-long Jewish meditation training program at Chochmat HaLev in Berkeley, and an immediate friendship began. Since then we have studied spiritual direction together, led spirituality workshops for couples, supervised countless spiritual guides, collaborated on art projects, ritual facilitation and community events. Both of us have served on the Leadership Institute planning committee for the Spiritual Directors International conference for the past two years.

After exploring numerous project ideas together over several years, in 2013 we co-led a workshop together at the SDI conference called Encountering the Shadow of the Spiritual Director: Advanced Practice Issues. This workshop planted the seeds for Practistry.

We extend a deep bow of heartfelt gratitude to our teachers and mentors: Rabbi Amy Eilberg, Janice Farrell, Jewel Graham, Sylvia Boorstein, Parker Palmer, Estee Solomon Gray.

Karen Erlichman and Wendie Bernstein Lash talk about the shadow, and Mussar practice in spiritual direction.

Wendie and Karen are an amazing duo! My abilities as a spiritual guide (and as a human being) have been truly enriched by the wisdom, compassion, and ever-present sense of the Divine that these two fabulous women offer.
— Camille Ronquillo